To be Sri Lanka’s preferred one stop shop manufacturer stainless steel fabrications for all sectors of hospitality, food service and preparation, healthcare and residential design solutions.

1) By offering a one stop shop solution for design, manufacturing and technical assistance to all leisure, residential, corporate and government sectors for stainless steel or mixed material designs incorporating stainless steel.
2) By being a valued partner in our customer’s final products by adding value and easing project co-ordination.
3) By incorporating modern and contemporary themes when possible providing a new dimension to the Sri Lankan lifestyle customer.

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant, durable and hygienic material. It is also relatively maintenance-free and therefore makes it an ideal choice for kitchen units, hospital medicine trolleys, canopies and duct lines, bain-marie’s, low and high pressure gas stoves, shelving and storage.

We take pride in our stainless steel fabrications solutions that adorn most of the star class hotels and restaurants in Sri Lanka as well as leading healthcare providers. Stainless Steel pantry units are also gaining popularity amongst the residential consumer concerned about maintenance and longevity.

Popular Stainless Steel and mix material residential products include –
-Stainless steel pantry units with wooden, glass or MDF doors.
-Wooden or glass top dining or coffee tables with stainless steel legs.
-Sofa’s with stainless steel legs or stainless steel detailing.

These are a few possible and popular combinations, but with the right imagination and our fabrication expertise the possibilities are almost…. Endless.